The Build Up – LML Promotion “Hardball Sound Clash – King Shine Sound Vs Twin Star Sound” @Dev Rec Club, Bermuda

It’s Sound Clash Time Again” as Live My Life Promotion are set to host the international edition of “Hard-Ball Sound Clash” featuring King Shine Sound of America and Twin Star International of Canada “On Neutral Ground” at the Devonshire Recreation Club, Saturday the 8th of April 2017. It has been 17 years since Bermuda’s reggae and dancehall sound clash culture fans have been entertained by the likes of two top-tier international sound’s such as David Rodigan, Ricky Trooper of Kilimanjaro, Squingy (R.I.P) and Mark of Bass Odyssey, Johnny Guard and Fire Linx of Body Guard Sound, Panther and Unzi of Black Kat Sound, Tony Matterhorn and Baby face of King Addies Sound, and many more who have graced the shores of Bermuda with their talent’s. The last International Sound Clash to take place in Bermuda was Saturday the 10th of June 2000, featuring Tony Matterhorn representing America versus Fire Links of Jamaica at North Village Field Hamilton, where Matterhorn was in the prime of his solo career and Fire Links was just starting his solo career. At the time, Bermuda hosted sounds weekly from Jamaica, America, Canada, United Kingdom, and even Japan as Mighty Crown the far east rulers had clashed and performed in Bermuda a handful of times by the year 2000 had ended!

Thanks to LML Promotion that is all about to change as “The Hard-Ball Sound Clash” features “The World Sound Twin Star International” with talented selectors Peasah, Wizzla, and Blaxz who are the two time (2015 and 2016) Africa Cup Clash Champion’s. The clash took place in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa. Originally hailing from Toronto, Canada, then later establishing a branch in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, Twin Star has gown from strength to strength over the years proving they can perform in any country for any crowd. Earlier this year, they also performed on The Irish and Chin “Road To World Clash – Canada Rumble 2017 edition” which took place at La Victoria Banquet Hall Ontario, Canada where they were knocked out in the juggling rounds but had a good performance worth a mention. Twin Star is currently participating in the popular Boom All Star Sound Clash series in Kingston, Jamaica where they recently faced off against Bass Odyssey Sound and Code Red Sound.

Without a doubt, the highly rated and respected King Shine Sound is a top-tier sound of this generation who has been on a consistent rise in the past 4 years with solo selector “Jimmy Spliff”. He has shown clash after clash why he is one of the few rising stars of the industry with his creative dub production, crowd control, comedic speech, and charisma around a sound system. In the late summer of 2016, Jimmy Spliff earned the name “Dinosaur Killer” at Kay’s Oasis night club in Boston during the “Unfinished Business Sound Clash” when he dismantled Pink Panther Sound. Pink Panther, with “Panther the 5 Star General”, formerly of Black Kat Sound, is consider one of the top five Dinosaur Selectors of the business. King Shine is about to embark on several weeks of sound clash across the global as they will be performing April 8th in Bermuda, than they are taking part in “War Inna East Sound Clash” held in Germany on April 14th as well as the Irish and Chin “Road to World Clash – US Rumble 2017 edition” New York on the 22nd of April.

SB4L.COM support and endorse LML Promotion who have been campaigning to rise the standard of the local Sound culture and usher in the next era of local and International sound clash icon’s. It has been some time since Bermuda has been considered a premier place for Reggae & Dancehall events featuring top top-tier international acts. believe Bermuda has been missing this WOW factor as sound clash culture is now a global industry with sound clash happening weekly around the world. With the advent of live streaming events and media outlets providing promotional service and in-depth event coverage (provided locally by SB4l.COM) patron’s can watch, listen or read from the comfort of their home. The island is in dire need of this entertainment as local Sound Clash is slowly becoming popular again but has been in need of the international influence and exposure. This upcoming event, on 8th April, is guaranteed to be a night of musical madness as both sounds are set to battle for the Hardball Clash trophy and local patron approval until the very last song. All lovers of reggae and dancehall music are encouraged to come out and be entertained by world-class sounds and that are levels above local talent. Our local talent should take Extra Lessons! Admission is $25, gates open at 10 p.m., and the clash starts at 11 p.m. sharp. SB4l.COM will see you there!!!