“Splice & Fake Artist Dub-Plates” are The Plague of Sound Clash!!!

What we know as today’s “Sound Clash Industry” has made many positive and successful strides in the past 35+ years, thanks to many of the Iconic Sound’s, Selector’s, Promoter’s & You the Patron’s of the sound clash events that happen around the world. The industry has seen innovation in various sectors of the culture but some have been more danger to the product of the industry than a helping hand. The Recording of dub-plates has become simplified to the point you do not have to be physical present to voice an artist, a structure or building housing a recording booth is no longer needed, and a dub-plate can be emailed as a file instead of being recorded to a tape or vinyl. When these innovation’s are used for their true purpose, a sound can gain access to Artist and achieve a more distinct style of Dub-plate exclusive to that sound, or they can use them to cheat and short cut the business. For instance the practice of Dub Programs have been around for at least 25+ years with many sound’s outside of Jamaica using a particular studio or person (Dub runners) to gain access to artist to record songs for them. This practice helped many sounds out side of Jamaica gain access to many of the popular artist and thus giving that sound more exposure in their country as a sound with exclusive Jamaican Artist Dub-plates.

But at some time in the late 90’s these Dub runners, studio engineer, and aspiring artist started to use these industry innovation of recording methods inn a negative way to increase their revenue. This single act manifested some of the most Disappointing, Dishonest, Disgraceful, and Deceitful issue’s that plague the industry today, Splice & Fake Artist Dub-Plates!!! Some of you are asking what is a Splice dub-plate and how can an artist be Fake, With the use of Studio Software an engineer can take a Sound/Dj recorded dub-plate and Splice’s out (Cut/Delete) the name’s of that sound and Splice’s in (Paste/Replace) another Sound name into the dub-plate! Below is a video of how the process of splicing a song/dub-plate! As explained in the video the process is not difficult and many sounds around the world have fallen victim to the practice because they do not have access to a particular artist!

A Fake Artist Dub-plate is when an aspiring artist attempts/pretends to be a known artist by singing/DJing a dub-plate in the known Artist Style, Tone, and Voice! Again Below is a video with an example of Fake Artist Dub-plates.

This plague of Splice & Fake Artist Dub-Plate has become common practice among many studio engineer, dub runners, aspiring artist, and now Sound’s/DJ’s. The blame cannot be pointed at just one of them because each one plays a part in the act, The Dub-runner & Studio engineer are at fault for claiming to have access to particular artist, and aspiring Artist are at fault for singing the song knowing it is an misrepresentation of the known Artist, But the heaviest blame has to fall on the Sound system who states it’s a known artist and plays the dub-plate knowing it is Splice or Fake Artist just to get a Forward/Praise! Now I cannot say that the Patrons/Fans at the event who give these dub-plates forward/praise as if they are Authentic, Original, and Real are not to blame as well but many of them would have no clue that this practice has been going on since late 80’s & early 90’s! Fewer would even know how to spot the difference since many Sound system in sound clash culture have taken up Speed Juggling (The mixing of songs in a fast past) or Chopping to disguise these dub-plates among the real dub-plates, and then there is the practice of not playing the Dub-plate Intro during Juggling Rounds and Dub Fi Dub Rounds.

If we are to stop this act it starts with the Sound/DJ’s who contact Dub-Runners and Studio Engineer without being aware of that person credibility and association to the artist, Aspiring artist should be given more opportunity and be played by sound system and radio station to lower the need of replicating another artist for economical means, Promoter’s should book Respected and Reputable Sound’s/DJs for events who will honor a no Splice or Fake artist Contract, Than you the Fans can educate your selves the next time your local Sound/DJ or even your favorite Sound/Dj clashing or juggling Dub-plates by listen carefully to each dub-plate for the Artist Voice, Tone, Pitch, and Pronunciation of words to see if they are using the Real Artist or if it is a Splice or a Fake Artist Dub-plate! As the Patron’s/Fan’s become more aware of these practices they can spot the difference and ensure the sound who are doing it are Exposed!!!