SoulJah 1 Sound Biography and Audio History –


Souljah1 was founded late 1991-92 By the current Owner/Selector Magic Chemist(Fada Magixx), and a few members of the former defunct sound that they were playing called RudeBoy International.

The sound’s origin is from their neighborhood in Bermuda called Devil’s Hole, Smith’s Parish, which always has had a rich history with reggae on the island.

Magic, Charles in Charge(Charly Blaks), Prento, Wilton Irie, Jeffrey Crucial, Ardy Digital(owner) and others, had already gained notoriety for playing the sweetest selection and top juggling on Rude Boy Sound.

the late 80s were dominated by Rude Boy(original owner Andre “Ardy Digital” Smith),  accomplishing many feats as a youth crew in the business(sound members ages ranged from 12-21) such as introducing new songs into the dancehall, Partnering with the local Sound System Company to Beta-test new tech Sound equipment, bussing local artists(Corvin Melody, Ali, Troyan), hosting foreign artists on the sound such as General Levy, Sweetie irie, and the legendary SAXON Crew, to mention a few of their youth accomplishments.

Magic left the island to go to College for Electronics in 1991 in South London, leaving the sound’s reputation on a hi-note, but  from complacency, the remaining members left Rude Boy sound to boil down to nothing during his absence.

This was a crucial point in time for Magic as being in UK, he linked up with the Saxon crew that came to Bermuda months before and started rolling full-time with the giant veteran UK sound, who was at the time themselves building the sound back from a hiatus. Here is where he learned the ins and outs of sound system, UK style. How boxes were strung up and played and how big selectors like Muscle-head and Trevor Sax would prepare and play for dances.

Watching Saxon rise inspired Magic to regroup a new sound starting fresh…Starting as 1 Soul, in Jah’s army and building a movement. hence came the name ‘SOULJAH1’.

Souljah1 sound started from the bottom of the latter playing at clubs like Sparrows Nest and Kings Port, gaining fast notoriety as the new sound that’s got TUNE!

Bermuda swiftly took to their new UK oriented style of juggling and heavy dub plate infusion that wasn’t common in dances before Souljah1.

Charles in Charge(Charley Blak) and Magic took many trips in to the trenches of Jamaica to build dub links and pursue top name artists for the SJ1 dub box, and also built a powerful 8 scoop sound system to replace the old Rudeboy sound remnants that they were struggling with(’93).

Within a year they were rated as the NEW top sound of Bermuda and continued with a steady influence on Dancehall culture in Bermuda as one of the Island’s defenders and Heavyweight sounds.

throughout the sound’s lifespan of 25+ yrs and counting, Souljah1 has started careers for:

Lenky Boy: Selector/MC (now on his own Lenky Gaza Global  Movements) – Lenky’s introduction to dub plates and MC’ing was around ’95,  Magic went to College again in ’99-2000 and Lenky held down the fort in Bda. during the next few years as solo selector on the sound.

Upon Magic’s return, Lenky decided to part way with the sound to pursue a solo career, which at the time was a working trend for other popular  selectors like Tony Matterhorn, Firelinks etc.

Barrygun: Selector (recruited on sound in 2002-3)

Dennis the Menace aka D-Block: Barry’s accomplice, Dennis started on the sound at the same time as Barry.

Souljah1’s greatest notoriety was during the Legendary clash years of the mid 90s, where they practically played or clashed every Well known sound in the world, when they came to Bermuda.

Stone Love / Road Star / BodyGuard / Black Scorpio / Silverhawk

Saxon / Bass Odyssey / King Addies / LP / Sterosonic

David Radigon / Soul Supreme / 4×4 Exodus / Robbo Ranx / JamRock

Pieces / Metro Medio / Riddim Force and many many more.

most noted dances:

was when Magic met there great babyFace of King Addies, in a One for One crowd instigated standoff at Clayhouse Inn (’93)

Souljah1 held their ground against the notorious NY badman sound, which impressed Babyface enough to carry the cassette foreign and boost it out…the rest is history.(Babyface and Magic are bredrins up to this day)

Their notoriety in the Dub Cutting and sound cassette world even landed them a date in New York in ’94, to be Bermuda’s only sound to Play in Brooklyn’s notorious BILTMORE BALL ROOM, and win a clash (Souljah1 vs Earth Ruler ’94),  even got Gun Salute!

Souljah1 eased off of the clash scene during the late 90’s – early 2000’s and started playing more juggling events, as the World Wide Clash and Dancehall scene slowed down, and the invent of Bashments and R&B/Rap parties became the norm.

Along with parental duties of a new son and daughter, and starting his own IT company, Magic eased off of the dub plate and clash vibes.

Until a spark in 2006, namely Ryderz promotions, a new promoter ready to bring back the clash business, prompted a quick and easy comeback on the scene, which lead to US dates, dates in Antigua, Trinidad ,a Historical win in one on one clash with Bass Odyssey, and a return clash with the Legendary David Radigon, where Souljah1 unleashed a once in a lifetime custom dub plate from newly buss local artist, COLLIE BUDDZ.

The clash  scene once again simmered down in Bermuda, Souljah1 started to play more grown people oriented “Oldies” events, with promoters slating selected DJs of old school rather than sound crews. During this time, Barry and Dennis took a break from the sound and concentrated on Family and work as well.

Souljah1 rebuilt a new sound system with customized equipment from UK in 2010, slowly building and waiting for the next swing in the entertainment cycle.

circa 2011 due to unforeseen circumstances, Magic decided to take a break from the whole sound industry, not being pleased with the music quality, along with the negative aura that accompanied it,he moved on to pursue a personal path with God and family.

During this hiatus, he parted from the hardcore dancehall life and helped build local Christian Singer, Troy Anthony’s, record label and sound system  called FyahBeat Unlimited.

also around  this time Dennis and Barry decided to step back up on the sound stage, and with the help of Charly Blak, started creating successful monthly juggling events and even entered a local sound clash with the current hot sound at the time “Riddim Force” from Florida (2013), barely losing in a controversial 1 for 1 count.

Meanwhile, fortified with x-amount of conscious dub plates, Magic and Fyahbeat touched the scene as a new conscious sound in the business, along with a record label Kingzway7.

Such accomplishments, Life’s lessons, and the Father’s plan, all inspired Magic to take back the reigns of his personal creation, The Big Bad SoulJah1 sound with a GodBless  Selector!.

Mid 2015, marked Magic’s return,

along with Charlie Blak(aka Charles in Charge, who is also a successful defense lawyer in Bermuda) Barry and Dennis the dynamic duo juggling team.

Souljah1 has timelessly proven to be one of Bermuda’s shining light Sounds that are keeping the sound system culture alive

“God has given us a path to take and we are following”…Magic

Souljah1 crew

Magic Chemist

Charlie Blaks