Herbalize-it & Superlock Present “War Ina East 14.4.17” @Yam Berlin, Germany

“Path To Greatness”

Can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday Warrior Sound won War Ina East at the end of a magnificent battle with I-Shence, but here we are ready to reveal the contenders for the 2017 edition, which is just a few short months away. Time really waits on no man. Congratulations to Warrior Sound by the way for his extra-large performance at World Clash, representing proper for this side of the globe. The same goes for Jugglerz, the other past ‘War Ina East’ winners who were also at that clash.

Up-to-date sound-systems the world over understands what it means to be called ‘War Ina East Winner’, a title that speaks for itself. Over the years, we have seen on stage the likes of Black Chiney, Supersonic, Tek9, Kosmik Movements, Mighty Crown, Sentinel and of-course the sound that’s had numerous returning tours to Europe; Poison Dart. These are just a few of the many top international sound-systems we’ve had the pleasure to bring to you, in our continued efforts of providing top entertainment and more importantly facilitating the link between sound culture in Europe and the rest of the world.

After last year’s all European new blood line-up, we had every intention to dip into the international hat once again and for 2017 invite to Berlin certain top sounds, never before seen at ‘War Ina East’. Unfortunately, without getting into specifics we had to opt for another plan. On behalf of all clash promoters in Europe, we would like to make a humble request to the person or persons who continues to spread the rumor that there is David Guetta money to be made out here in the European clash business to please stop. We implore you, stop these vicious lies and let’s get back to reality because certain sound-systems believes with their whole heart that this is so and will not clash unless we “show them the money”.

Every obstacle is indeed an opportunity to do better and so we did. Our new line-up is one we are extremely excited about and very proud to be able to bring this to you. In true ‘War Ina East’ pattern we have decided to draw for a line up that will put the spotlight on some more fresh blood combined with the latest shakers on the clash path. We expect the energy at this clash to be off the charts. The first contender has grown over the past years to be a top juggling sound with a loaded, loaded dub-box; Mortal Kombat(Bavaria/Germany). The second contender has been on a recent killing spree winning clashes and proving that they are a force to rekon with; Northern Lights(Udine/Italy). Third, is a sound that is crazy, sick, mad loaded with dub-plates and could well be the sound to leave the biggest impression and surprise the world; Ruffpack(Biel/Switzerland). Recently, the final contender has also been doing very well on the clash circuit and is definitely at the moment one of the most talked about sound-systems in America; King Shine(NJ/USA).

So there you have it. ‘War Ina East’ 2017 official line-up; Mortal Kombat vs Northern Lights vs Ruffpack vs King Shine. Who will take it? Well we all can speculate but the fact is this is a clash any true clash fan would want to experience live and direct. Four top sounds doing battle on a world stage promises for a night of great entertainment, memorable moments and who knows, maybe even the birth of yet another international top sound. ‘War Ina East’ continues to provide the opportunity, let’s see who will deliver.

More info on rules and all the other necessary clash details coming out soon so start getting your crews together to be part of what will undoubtedly be another memorable clash night for Europe and the world.

Much Respect,
Herbalize-it & Superlock


(2016 Audio Below)